TPRBTeleprocessing Request Block
TPRBTrade Policy Review Body (World Trade Organization)
TPRBThe Public Radio Band (band)
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(315) All WTO members are reviewed by the Trade Policy Review Body (TPRB), the frequency of each country's review varying according to its share of world trade.
Practice has shown that, under the currently applicable procedures, neither the CRTA nor the TPRB are inclined to devote much time to the permanent review of RTAs.
The trade policy review body (TPRB) would seem to be a crucial tool in the accomplishment of the WTO's work and clearly reflects its philosophy.
The WTO's philosophy is expressed in the TPRB's five proposals for institutional reform:
(64) World Trade Organization, Director-General, Report to the TPRB from the Director-General on the Financial and Economic Crisis and Trade-Related Developments, Report No.