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Controls NASH P value Cirrhosis P value mean mean (con- mean (con- [+ or -] [+ or -] trols [+ or -] trols S.D S.D vs S.D vs NASH) cirrh- osis) TBil 0.5 4.3 P<0.001 4.7 P<0.001 (mg/dl) [+ or -] [+ or -] [+ or -] 0.2 1.1 0.8 ALT 20.8 163 P<0.001 59.4 P<0.001 (U/L) [+ or -] [+ or -] [+ or -] 2.83 18.2 7.9 ALP 78.94 164.8 P<0.001 155.7 P<0.001 (U/L) [+ or -] [+ or -] [+ or -] 21.7 22.8 19.7 TPro 6.97 6.8 P<0.1 5.7 P<0.001 (gm/dl) [+ or -] [+ or -] [+ or -] 0.24 0.35 0.1 Alb 4.45 4.09 P<0.01 2.7 P<0.001 (gm/dl) [+ or -] [+ or -] [+ or -] 0.2 0.4 0.18 Globu- 2.5 2.69 P<0.01 2.99 P<0.001 lins [+ or -] [+ or -] [+ or -] (gm/dl) 0.13 0.19 0.21 Note: WC-waist circumference, BP-blood pressure, T Pro-total proteins, Alb-albumin, T Bil-total bilirubin
La escala CAT posee seis subescalas: transgresiones sociales leves (TSL), trasgresion contra la propiedad (TPRO), trasgresion contra las personas (TPER), delitos (D) y consumo de alcohol y drogas (OHD); la escala APP tiene como subescala el ser victima de abuso de poder (VAP).
Research conclusion from the Thermal Performance Research Oven (TPRO) will contribute to the Creation of a new generation of energy-efficient oven to bake bread, buns, biscuits, cake and pizza.
A unique computer-aided control system was developed for the TPRO and this provides a platform for developing and analysing heal-transfer enhancement and for baking a wide variety of food products.
These include the Planade Hanging Scale with LED display for $70 retail; the Raised Dial Space Saver mechanical scale for $35-$40 retail; and the TPRO 1000 for $60 retail.
Expansion into Global Markets: TCIL obtained ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) accreditation and necessary operating licenses via its recently acquired Destination Management Company, Allied TPro. This will enable the commencement of its US Operations in a focused initiative to leverage the high potential business travel segment- to & from the United States.
A logger can measure the key parameters within an existing travelling oven, such as temperature, air-flow and humidity; preprogrammed Wonderware PC based software then replicates those conditions in the TPRO, using radiant and convective heat in a wide range of modes.
The TPRO can be transported for testing with the bakers' own mixing, forming and cooling equipment.
According to Eddie Wilson, director of sales for Health o meter, the suit involved Health o meter's Big Foot Doctor Scale Plus line and Terraillon's TPRO 1000 scale.