TPRPTransport Public Routier de Personnes (French: Public Transport by Road)
TPRPTelecommunications Policy Review Panel (Minister of Industry; Canada)
TPRPThe People's Revolution Party (UK)
TPRPTrial Period Review Panel
TPRPTlingit Park Recreation Project (Alaska)
TPRPTRICARE Prime Remote Program
TPRPTurkey PACAP (Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide)-Related Peptide (animal endocrinology)
TPRPTwo-Phase Recalling Procedure (memory)
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TPRP issued a nearly 400-page report with 127 detailed recommendations,
conduct." (92) The TPRP proposed that this ex post determination
Because of the change in governments in January 2006, the TPRP
On August 15, 2005, the Bureau submitted comments to the TPRP on a
Both TPhP and TPrP have the same [[delta].sub.a] and exhibit very similar thermal properties.
The threshold concentration is 36 mol% for TMP, and decreases to 18, 15, 13 and 18 mol% for TEP, TPrP, TBP and TPhP, respectively.
Because the [T.sub.g] of the resins antiplasticized with low [[sigma].sub.a] additives (TPrP and TBP) is decreased with increasing additive concentration, the [[sigma].sub.y] that is measured is likewise slightly depressed (low [T.sub.g] usually translates to a low [[sigma].sub.y]).
(g/mol) Trimethyl phosphate TMP C[H.sub.3] 140 Triethyl phosphate TEP C[H.sub.2]C[H.sub.3] 182 Tripropyl phosphate TPrP C[H.sub.2]C[H.sub.2] C[H.sub.3] 224 Tributyl phosphate TBP C[H.sub.2]C[H.sub.2] C[H.sub.2]C[H.sub.3] 266 Triphenyl phosphate* TPhP [C.sub.6][H.sub.5] 326 Density [V.sub.w] Phosphate [P(O)[(OR).sub.3]] (g/[cm.sup.3] ([cm.sup.3]/mol) Trimethyl phosphate 1.197 63 Triethyl phosphate 1.072 94 Tripropyl phosphate 1.012 124 Tributyl phosphate 0.979 155 Triphenyl phosphate* 1.266 159.5 [[delta].sub.a] Phosphate [P(O)[(OR).sub.3]] (MPa)[.sub.1/2] Trimethyl phosphate 19.6 Triethyl phosphate 17.9 Tripropyl phosphate 17.6 Tributyl phosphate 17.3 Triphenyl phosphate* 17.6 *TPhP is a solid at room temperature ([T.sub.m] = 48[degrees]C).