TPSACTexas Private School Accreditation Commission
TPSACTe Puna Strategic Advisory Committee (New Zealand)
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The TPSAC based service tree is actually a resource tree with permission information.
The goal of the first experiment was to test the relation among the TPSAC processing time T, the PPS bitmap length L_Bitmap, and the PPS meta permission length L_MetaPerm.
It can be concluded that (1) the usage of a thread pool could improve efficiently the performance of the TPSAC server, especially when there are a large number of concurrent requests from SP and SC and (2) the change of the thread pool size has a significant impact on the specific server.
For the first issue, the paper proposed a tree proxy-based and service-oriented access control (TPSAC) model.
Federal advisory committees like the TPSAC are ubiquitous, (13) and, as the TPSAC story shows, they raise critical issues of accountability, credibility, and neutrality in policymaking.
It is worth returning to the TPSAC episode and considering what is gained by acknowledging a deliberative process reading of section 5(b)(2).
(3.) See News Release, FDA, Tobacco Control Act One Year Anniversary (June 22, 2010), available at 2010 WL 2546982 (MEDWATCH) (noting the launch of the TPSAC).
Indeed, the TPSAC episode ultimately resulted in the filing of a suit based in part on section 5(b)(2).