TPSITransmontaigne Product Services, Inc. (Denver, CO)
TPSITransport Planning Skills Initiative (logistics; UK)
TPSITechnical Programming Services, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)
TPSITwo-Phase Structure Invariant (crystallography)
TPSITorque Pressure in Pounds per Square Inch
TPSITransportation Planning Support Information
TPSIThermodynamic Property Standard, Inc (Galveston, TX)
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TPSi provides marketing solutions in qualitative and quantitative research.
The acquisition of TPSi is seen to enhance Adelphi's international research and insight capacity in the US and Europe and expand its worldwide multi-perspective healthcare solutions, the company said in its statement.
Welcoming the addition of TPSi to Adelphi Group, Adelphi Worldwide's CEO Stuart Cooper noted target's capabilities that complement Adelphi's research presence across the spectrum, from molecule idea development to tangible brand.
Longuenesse goes to the heart of the matter in chapters 8 and 11 by unpacking the TPSI, and by arguing for this three-term identification: the TPSI = reflection = the schematism of the categories.
TPSI works with banks and other lenders in tracking insurance policy applications of purchasers of big-ticket items such as homes and cars.
locations are joined by point-to-point connections to the mainframe computer at TPSI's data processing center in South Pasadena, Calif.
All packets in a single message may not travel the same channel; at TPSI's data processing center, the mainframe reassembles data in appropriate sequence.
Of the microbial protein, 75% was added to the undegraded feed protein ([RUP.sup.DEV]) to estimate the true protein supplied to the small intestine (TPSI).
Intestinal digestion of feed and microbial protein : The previously discussed [RUP.sup.DEV] and TPSI must be corrected for incomplete digestion and endogenous secretions (Tamminga et al., 1994).
Atliekant Vilniaus miesto esamos bukles vertinima ir susiejant uzfiksuotus geoerdvinius duomenis su TPSIS (2014) pateiktais duomenu rinkiniais, autoriams pavyko nustatyti, kad apleistu teritoriju mastas (2, 3 pav.) vizualiai yra didesnis, nei deklaruojama BP sprendiniuose.
GIS priemonemis identifikavus apleistas Vilniaus miesto teritorijas ir siuos duomenis susiejus su TPSIS (2014) viesinamais duomenu rinkiniais bei atlikus geostatistine analize paaiskejo, kad tokiu teritoriju priskaiciuojama beveik 1150.