TPSKTopographic Pattern Suggestive of Keratoconus (ophthalmology)
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In essence, this publication by Watson and colleagues (2011) offers many examples of TPSK by providing engaging activities related to Australian datasets.
The following material uses a specific example to help reveal the aspects and character of TPSK in the context of a teaching episode using TinkerPlots.
We explain in the following sections how this explicit example can demonstrate the TPSK required for teaching statistics.
In the following section, we examine the Statistical Knowledge (SK), and the Technological Statistical Knowledge (TSK) that teachers need to have in order to develop Technological Pedagogical Statistical Knowledge (TPSK).
In this example, teachers develop TPSK, capitalising on the technological affordances of TinkerPlots that provide a learning environment that facilitates the display of animated plots that enhance the instructional strategies for developing statistical lessons about "samples" and "sampling".