TPSOTheater Precision Strike Operations (ACTD)
TPSOTraining Program Support Office (US DoD)
TPSOThird Party Scaling Organization (forestry; independent business; Oregon)
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In the present study we have prepared, radiolabelled, and evaluated in vivo the novel imidazopyridine derivative, CLINME, to determine its selectivity for the TPSO. In vitro studies found that CLINME displayed a 110-fold higher selectivity for the TPSO over the CBR compared to a 20-fold difference to the related compounds, alpidem [38], and 200-fold for CLINDE [35].
In vivo the distribution of radioactivity after injection of [[sup.123]I]-CLINME follows the distribution of the TPSO reported in the literature with high uptake in endocrine tissues, such as adrenal glands [39], in peripheral organs such as kidney and heart [17, 40] and low uptake in the brain [41, 42].
The pharmacological competition studies confirm that the uptake in the olfactory bulbs and peripheral organs could be blocked by PK11195, Ro 5-4854, and CLINME indicating that the uptake was specific to TPSO binding sites.
The maximum and minimum percentage variation of bsfc among the biofuels blend were 9.66% and 3.45% for neem and TPSO respectively.
But, the methyl ester of TPSO has only 1% lower than that of diesel.
TPSO is based on the Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (ADOCS), which provides interfaces to facilitate coordination between multi-service targeting systems and mission software tools.