TPSSTangipahoa Parish School System (Louisiana)
TPSSTraction Power Substation (rail transportation electrification)
TPSSTraining and Performance Support Systems (educational technology)
TPSSTakoma Park Silver Spring Co-op (food store; Maryland)
TPSSThe Playstation Show (podcast)
TPSSTechnology and Policy Student Society (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
TPSSTarget Prioritization and Selection System
TPSSToxic Pot Shower Shock Syndrome
TPSSTransition Plus Sustainability Solutions (Canada)
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The order of functionals based on [R.sup.2] values is as follows: B3LYP, B3LYP-D3 > PBE0 > TPSSh > TPSS, PBE > BP, BP-D3 > MP2.
Within a given academic model, charters display student compositions that differ from the TPSs located nearest them, and in many cases these patterns of differences are uniform.
Taking the particular case, in which [sigma] = -2, and with the same axle shafts, this prolate spheroid can be considered as the junction of two TPSs, obtained through the cut generated by plane z = -2, as highlighted in Figure 3.
The TPSS and LPSS are the major work in this context.
HC was melt-blended with LDPE, TPSS and KCF using an internal mixer (HaakeRheomix Mixer, Model R600/610) at the temperature of 150[degrees]C at speed of 50 rpm in order to obtain a homogeneous sample.
Almost all the commercial TPSs contain only the inbuilt DVH algorithm for evaluation.
This study noted improvement in the target plaque severity score (TPSS) at week 4 for ointment 1 (LSM-54.4%) versus vehicle 1 (LSM-41.5%; one sided 90% upper confidence limit <0) but not for ointment 2 (LSM-24.2%) versus vehicle 2 (LSM-17.2%; one sided 90% upper confidence limit >0).
Then at the second step, these TPSs were blended with PLA at different ratios in the presence of different amounts of PDI.
The Plymouth Student Scientist (TPSS, is an e-journal designed to promote and disseminate research done in students' final year to a wide audience both within and beyond Plymouth University.
Operational Task Optimisation: Can be used for multiple Zones in the same data centre and also for other data centres by enabling and creating virtualised TPSs (Segments) in the same physical boxes.
EADS North America Test and Services, a division of EADS North America, Inc., has been awarded a three-year IDIQ contract to produce the new Turboprop Test Instrumentation (TPTI) system and related Test Program Sets (TPSs) for the test of U.S.