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TPSWTwo-Pass Split-Window (algorithm)
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The confluence between the Mexican Coastal Current and the California Current in the Mexican Central Pacific (MCP) (Badan-Dangon, 1997; Kessler, 2006; Trasvina & Barton, 2008) forms a transition zone where varied physical phenomena are developed by the interact-tion of Tropical Pacific Surface Water (TPSW), Equatorial Surface Water (ESW), Subtropical Subsur-face Water (SSW) and California Current Water (CCW) (Kessler, 2006; Salas et al., 2006).
Only doliolids and pyrosomes registered a positive correlation with temperature and negative with salinity, this could be explained by the influence of Tropical Pacific Surface Water (TPSW), characterized by high values of temperature, low salinity and low nutrient availability (Fiedler & Talley, 2006).