TPTDTrans Pulminary Thermodilution
TPTDToo Pure to Die (band)
TPTDtibialis posterior tendon dysfunction
TPTDTotal Data Packet Network Transfer Delay (ITU-T)
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By using TPTD instead of the 5-fold decomposition, we can extract a topologically correct tetrahedral mesh of a trilinear interval volume.
After applying tetrahedrization for each tetrahedral cell generated by TPTD, we could extract topologically correct tetrahedral meshes for the interval volume.
STD generates a smaller number of tetrahedra from a cube than TPTD does.
Efficient Tetrahedrization of Trilinear Interval Volume By Combining STD and TPTD (CTD) STD preserves the topology of only one boundary isosurface.
We implemented the TPTD, STD, CTD and 6-fold decomposition methods.
8 (b) and (c), TPTD correctly reconstructs trilinear interval volume, whilst the result applying 6-fold decomposition has topological artifacts.
Boundary isosurfaces of interval volumes extracted from (e) TPTD are topologically equivalent to (c) ideal trilinear isosurfaces.
Red-light running is a problem in Cambridge, and TPTD has employed several techniques to address it, such as increasing the all-red interval, increasing enforcement, and pursuing the use of red-light cameras.
Using a multidisciplinary approach, officials with TPTD collected and analyzed crash data to study the effect that multimodalism might have on safety.
When comparing Cambridge's pedestrian crash rates to national and statewide rates, TPTD officials calculated rates using population as a denominator because there is no such measure as "miles walked." Therefore, comparing crash rates for the 100,000 Cambridge residents, who each make several walking trips a day on average, to 100,000 people elsewhere is an apples-to-oranges statistical dilemma.
TPTD found no pattern in the causes of pedestrian crashes for January 2004 through August 2005, but TPTD officials were surprised that none involved a car running a red light, drunk driving, speeding, or young drivers (16- or 17-year-olds).
TPTD continues to collaborate with the Cambridge Police Department on crashes involving pedestrians and bicycles.