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TPTLTasmanian Perpetual Trustees Limited (Australia)
TPTLThe Pocket Testament League (ministry)
TPTLTimed Propositional Temporal Logic (computer science)
TPTLThird Party Testing Laboratory
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So to study the blood gene expression associated with the spontaneous premature birth within 48 hours in women admitted with TPTL, the scientist used microarrays.
The prohibition of this kind of quantification has often been shown to be a necessary condition for the existence of feasible automated verification mechanisms such as in TPTL [Alur and Henzinger 1990].
Some Specifications in TPTL meaning TPTL Always A in the Past - Always A in the Future [circle] []A Always A - A Since Weak B - A Until Weak B [circle] (UBA [disconjunction] []A) Lasts A up to [t.