TPTSThe Philippine Tolkien Society
TPTSTheory and Practice of Timed Systems (professional workshop; computer science)
TPTSTwo-Phase Thermosyphon
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The company's TPTs incorporate a tumor-targeting antibody fragment and a protein cytotoxic payload into a single protein molecule in order to achieve focused tumor cell killing.
where n is the number of selected frames, pts(i) is the matching points set in the ith frame image pairs, and Tpts is the accumulative point sets with the selected n frames of image pairs.
The ability of the petroleum liaison detachment to perform the adapted TPT mission depends on the ability of its personnel to provide quality assurance and quality surveillance of bulk petroleum, oils, and lubricants at general support TPTs.
A client could also have two TPTs, one a grantor trust as to the client, and the other a nongrantor TPT with respect to anyone.
It includes Tactical Petroleum Terminals (TPTs) for bulk storage and a pipeline system to transport fuel.
To deliver fuel from the pipeline, tactical petroleum terminals (TPTs) run by quartermaster units--are set up at desired intervals.
49/MPP/Kep/2/2000, which banned the import of cars in CBU condition and the issuance of type-registration certificates (TPTs) for such cars.
En s'appuyant sur la tablette TPTS 9 (employing Sigrist's siglum - ed.) qui appartient a cette serie, il propose par ailleurs (p.
We have people who have been TPTs for five or six years.