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TPUThermoplastic Polyurethane
TPUTomsk Polytechnic University (Russia)
TPUTurbov Processing Unit (motherboards)
TPUThermoplastic Urethane
TPUTurbo Pascal Unit
TPUTaxe Professionnelle Unique (French: Single Professional Tax)
TPUTroop Program Unit
TPUText Processing Utility (computer programming language; Digital Equipment Corporation)
TPUToroidal Power Unit (electrical power device)
TPUTurbo Pascal Unit (file extension; Borland)
TPUTransient Personnel Unit
TPUTeenage Pregnancy Unit
TPUTrailer Parts Unlimited (Huntsville, TX)
TPUTime Processing Unit
TPUTotal Propagated Uncertainty
TPUTank and Pump Unit (fuel transport/disbursal system)
TPUTeikyo Post University (Connecticut)
TPUTransportation & Public Utilities
TPUTank Pump Unit
TPUTorpedo Propulsion Upgrade
TPUTransportation Plan Update
TPUTimer Power Unit (explosive devices)
TPUTape Preparation Unit
TPUTurret Processor Unit (Bradley Fighting Vehicle A3)
TPUTask Preparation Unit
TPUTarget Power Uprate (nuclear)
TPUTrained, Needs Practice, Untrained (US Army)
TPUTransparency Profile Unit (color management scanning terminology)
TPUTenants Participation Unit
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TPU elastomers (2103-80AE, melt index 40 g 10 [min.sup.-1]) were supplied by USA Lubrizol Advanced Materials.
Global Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is any of a class of polyurethane plastics with many properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion.
Justin Park, Lubrizol's global market segment manager for performance footwear says, "The advantage of a 100% TPU shoe is that at the end of the shoe's wear cycle it can be re-grinded and then reformed into a new shoe, therefore extending the life of the product and material."
Vexi-Flexx70 is a polyether-based TPU with a 70 Shore D hardness containing excellent hydrolytic stability with good mechanical properties.
Unlike TPU v1, which used 3.5-inch drive bays as its form factor, TPU v2 was welded together in groups of four ASIC chips.
The TPU composites exhibit a very large plasticity at room temperature and are difficult to be fractured, so the composites are bent to fracture under liquid nitrogen to observe microstructure of the samples.
Blends of pre-crosslinked silicone resin dispersed in a TPU matrix can be molded using a standard molding machine.
The company added that the facility will cater to the needs of Asia Pacific's fast-growing demand for TPUs.
The partial infiltration of MWCNTs into the filter pores creates an effective interlocking of MWCNT network layer with TPU filter which even strengthens when the porous filter is transformed into the polymeric film in the course of compression molding at 175[degrees] C.
7.5 to 15 volume per cent of the antistatic TPU masterbatch is added.
The company's Elastollan TPU portfolio--a versatile, high performance thermoplastic polyurethane offers all-around security for wire and cable applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial markets.
This is the thinking for Bayer MaterialScience (material and Solid Composites GmbH (, which are partnering to develop thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powders for selective laser sintering, the process of fabricating three-dimensional structures using a laser to bond the powdered materials.