TQATranslation Quality Assessment
TQATasmanian Qualifications Authority (Australia)
TQATeaching Quality Assessment (UK education)
TQATelephone Questionnaire Assistance (US Census Bureau)
TQATotal Quality Assurance
TQATrucker Quality Assurance
TQATransport Quality Assurance (swine transportation)
TQAThrottle Quadrant Assembly (Woodward)
TQAThe Quality Advantage
TQATechnical Quality Assurance (various organizations)
TQATrades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (Canada)
TQATraining Quality Assurance
TQATotal Quality Assessment
TQAToyota Quality Alliance
TQATesting and Quality Analysis (software development)
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TQA is a light aircraft product of Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer that develops a variety of products for the airplane and automotive markets.
Colina (2009: 236) states that TQA "is probably one of the most controversial, intensely debated topics in translation scholarship and practice".
Thanks to this, we have significantly reduced the occurrence of false errors to improve the detection of real terminology mistakes even in languages such as German or Czech that can be challenging for other TQA tools due to their complicated grammatical structure.”
The questionnaire has been adopted as a tool to identify the level/extent to which both pilot TQA schools possess basics/ principles of a "learning organization".
Drawing on previous studies on TQA as a theoretical basis and the translation evaluation criteria of the international community of translators the dividing line between acceptability and unacceptability rests on the TQA scale in numerical terms.
Because of volume overload, edema, and possible pulmonary vascular congestion, it was decided to assess EG's blood volumes during dialysis using the Crit-Line TQA, (Hema Metrics, Kaysville, UT).
"Although we are leading a paradigm shift in access monitoring and management with our new Transcutaneous Access Blood Flow device, TQA, introduced earlier this year, we had no choice but to aggressively defend our original patent position associated with the Delta H technique.
[88] For instance, the order of priority for the allocation of land to the ordinary people was not decided upon by an official, but was carried out according to the huong am tqa thu the ranking of people of the village as decided upon amongst themselves.
The area which has the most direct effect on university libraries is the process for "Teaching Quality Assessment" (TQA).
* A plan to develop individual expertise in each of the "technical lead" members of the TQA Committee.
They had also, through their requirements for student data and their newly introduced teaching quality assessment (TQA) units and the previously established research assessment exercise (RAE), set in motion the process of monitoring performance.
The first batch of test questions, TQA, was repeated four days later as a retest; it was designated TQA' for scoring purposes.