TQETeacher Quality Enhancement (Grant)
TQETotal Quality Excellence
TQETotal Quality Education
TQETorque Energy Inc
TQETotal Quality Engineering, Inc. (Poway, CA)
TQETechnical Qualifying Examination
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That can be a struggle for some students, and this is where the TQE process is critical for teachers to have planned out what questions they're going to ask, and to anticipate what evidence they are going to collect and how they're going to use that evidence in order to make sense of student learning.
How do you support teachers to apply the TQE process?
One example is the Tiempos Quirurgicos Estandar (TQEs) (Surgical Times Standards) (Corella Monzon et al.
Establecimiento de tiempos quirurgicos estandar (TQEs) como herramienta de gestion de la lista de espera quirurgica.
where TQE is the technology quality evaluation, WC, WB, WD, and WRSS are the weights of connection cost, available bandwidth, delay, and received signal strength, respectively, max (1/C), max B, max (1 /D), and max RSS are the maximum values of connection cost, available bandwidth, delay, and received signal strength, respectively, among the technologies in the suggestion list.
Then, the highest TQE value will be set as the target technology.
The professional-development high school that the TQE grant identified had a poverty-income index of 58%, with an ethnic mix of 28% black, 20% Hispanic, 47% white, and 5% "other" ("Great Schools").
TQE will export twelve custom-built exhibits to Wolfsburg, which will be adapted to meet the new science centre's design brief.
Similar to apparel expenditure, total expenditure was expressed in quarterly terms (TQE), per capita, and was converted to a logarithm to fit the double-logarithmic model.
In terms of the application of the principles of TQM to education, TQE aims at improving and enhancing the quality school as organization in order to fulfill the expectations of its clients.
Fields (1993:9) says the following in connection with TQE (Total Quality Education): "It is a process that builds the human spirit, strengthens bonds between people, and expands the mind of every participant".