TQEMTotal Quality Environmental Management
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As a domain the discourse on how to manage a supply chain has always been very practice focused from discussions of management systems such as TQEM and ISO 14000 to operational practices such as supplier selection.
For instance, in the TQEM perspective, environmental or social issues are added to an existing model of quality management that pursues incremental change in the existing operations without addressing the business model (Boons & Liideke-Freund, 2013).
For instance, a firm may move toward or away from the use of TQEM. Proposition 5 offers the use of the decision time horizon as a possible measurement (Davis, Le & Coy, 2011; Wu & Pagell, 2011).
TQEM focuses on the management and elimination of wastes and the continuous improvement of processes and systems.
On the basis of the information compiled from the technical and managerial reviews, the auditors use TQEM methodologies to identify root causes of noncompliance and to identify opportunities to improve technical and managerial processes.
Defines and distinguishes between TQEM and re-engineering, observing that whereas TQEM (TQM with an environmental "E" emphasizes continuous improvement, re-engineering deals with drastic change; refers back to QE11 for further confirmation of what re-engineering entails and considers how it applies to environmental management, making much of the use of information systems.
In addition to those companies which have made overt attempts at the corporate level to address environmental concerns and present a "green image" through TQEM, there are many companies which have inadvertently improved their environmental performance through the elimination of specific operational wastes targeted by their TQ programmes.
Thus, we will henceforth focus primarily on the potential of TQEM to simultaneously improve environmental performance and reduce costs.
Applying TQEM: elimination of waste and pollution prevention
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