TQITotal Quality Index
TQITiobe Quality Indicator (software)
TQITeaching Quality Information (UK)
TQITotal Quality Improvement
TQITeaching Quality Indicators (Australia)
TQITimeless Quality Imaging LLC (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)
TQITotal Quality Involvement
TQITelecom Quality Index
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'The prosecution was not able to establish the purpose of the Board Resolution of TQI. It was not able to relate it to the financial interest of accused Rodolfo Lozada,' the court said.
The score increment Skj of fk due to Tqi is given by (2)
At first, only three or four people would attend the TQI class, but then it kept growing-mostly by word of mouth-because it really works.
a) strongly quasiinvex (TQI) and <x [not equal to] u [??] [theta](x, u) [not equal to] 0> [??] strictly quasiinvex (SQI);
"The TQI is made up of guest satisfaction, quality and cleanliness and comp same store sales," said Moe's Pres.
(23) The Toward a Quantitative Imaging (TQI) group is focused on advancing and promoting quantitative imaging and the use of imaging biomarkers.
Monoclonal Antibodies: The CD62I monoclonal antibody TQI (specific for the ligand-binding area of the L-scIcctin molecule) linked to phycocrythrin (PE) was purchased from Coulter (IIialeah, Florida).
Here, trade expert Fiona Talbot of TQI Word Power Skills joins forces with Paul Corcoran of Agent
The idea to set up TQI Word Power Skills came to Fiona when she returned to Liverpool after running an English for Business consultancy in the Netherlands.
Some TQI on its operations, e.g., more consistent shelf tags and perishables, cleaner/neater stores, and faster checkouts, would do more to keep current customers happy.
Data collected from each plot included water content, C[O.sub.2] content, TQI, and soil physical and chemical properties.