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TQMTotal Quality Management
TQMTe Quiero Mucho
TQMTraining Quality Management (various organizations)
TQMTotal Quality Movement
TQMTricycles et Quadricycles A Moteur (France)
TQMTransport Quartermaster
TQMTraining Quota Memorandum
TQMTechnical Quality Measures
TQMTax Qualified Maintenance
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A communication model will result in reduced ambiguity and fear and will allow TQM to be implemented faster.
Wilhite added, "Continuous TQM training programs, such as these webinars, are also helpful for daily person-to-person interactions regardless of whether they are for business or personal relationship development." According to Wilhite, this means that even people who are not in sales will benefit from attending because, "As we learned in the second book of The Quarter Method, all communications between two or more people are sales."
The most cherished thing about my thesis is that it is the first holistic approach attempting to identify how certain types of organisational culture affect the implementation of the total quality management (TQM).
The questionnaire items are designed to cover all TQM perspectives and QMS in IDMW.
Total Quality Management (TQM), is not only a management philosophy, but also a set of company practices that aim at involving the human and material resources of an organization in the most effective way to achieve the objectives of the organization [3].
"Institutionalization, Framing, and Diffusion: The Logic of TQM Adoption and Implementation Decisions among U.S.
on Sales and operating income growth, but a negative and significant direct effect of TQM implementation
In addition, Spector and Beer (1994) also strongly believe that applying TQM within the organization's processes will develop a culture of valuing quality service and commitment, and will strengthen loyalty (Abraham et al., 1999).
However, it is not the only reason of particularly focusing on Textile industry supply chain; rather, the adoption of TQM standards in the whole supply chain to maintain and expand international market makes this sector interesting for this study.
In literature research, the factor often correlated with productivity and quality as predictors of firm performance are TQM components, where meta-analysis tables (Nair, 2006; Kaynak, 2003) show that dimensions of TQM are a key factor in enabling increased productivity in terms of operational firm performance (Dahlgaard & Dahlgaard, 2006).