TQMSTotal Quality Management System
TQMSTata Quality Management Services (India)
TQMSTicalion Quality Management Services (various locations)
TQMSTime To Quit and Move to Seattle
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Leaders in a TQM system view the firm as a system; support employee development; establish a multipoint communication among the employees, managers, and customers; and use information efficiently and effectively.
Only in this way, the expected benefits from TQM practices can be achieved.
TQM firms should give necessary training to all their employees to improve their proficiencies in their tasks.
Supply chain management in TQM implies reducing and streamlining the supplier base to facilitate managing supplier relationships [44], developing strategic alliances with suppliers [45,46], working with suppliers to ensure that expectations are met [47], and involving suppliers early in the product development process to take advantage of their capabilities and expertise [48, 49].
Despite the prosperity of TQM concept in many industries that achieved higher quality levels, the quality construction in many parts of the world suffers from problems such as works defects, time, and cost overrun.
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This study develops a structural equation modelling (SEM) model, where the direct effects of TQM practices implementation on measures of financial performance, as well as the effects of corporate culture on TQM implementation, are tested using survey data.
To test the relationship between TQM and financial performance, a number of researchers have used surveys or interviews to measure financial performance by collecting respondents' opinions about the firm's financial performance.
Hendricks and Singhal [25] have explored the impact of effective TQM implementation on the operating performance of firms over a 10-year period and found that firms winning quality awards outperformed firms in a matched control sample in terms of operating performance and sales growth.
In spit of the popularity and the success of TQM, Dixon [19] using ISO-9000 registered firms as a proxy for total quality organizations, did not show statistically significant relationships between TQM and the selected financial indicators.