TQRTop Quality Remodeling (various locations)
TQRTour Qualifying Round (professional bowling)
TQRToneQuest Report (guitar journal)
TQRTechnical Report
TQRThe Quiet Revolution
TQRTraining Quality Report
TQRTorque Rotor
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Regarding the TQR and PSE scales, the results show that there was a "probable reduction" of the TQR when comparing to S2 vs.
In order to capture the impact of covariates on two dependent variables simultaneously, the Bayesian TQR that relies on a correlated ALD is extended to the bivariate case; i.e., the vector [y.sub.i] with independent entries [y.sub.i1] and [y.sub.i2] is used to model the regression at different quantile levels [p.sub.1] and [p.sub.2].
This model is also estimated for each measure of agency cost; i) asset utilization ratio (ASSTUT) ii) interaction of free cash flow and growth (FCF) iii) Discretionary expenditure ratio, and finally (DISEXR) iv) Tobin's Q ratio (TQR).
Intuitive comparisons between our LCT model and other trust models Trust Models Fully Distributed Way Cross-domain BN [4] [check] X CR [19] [check] X MQCTT [7] [check] X FACES [9] [check] X TQR [13] [check] X PSTM [14] X X TPCommuTrust [17] X [check] MTC [18] X [check] LCT [check] [check] Table 2.
To test if a 17-day high-intensity shock microcycle improves performance in elite tennis players, differences between pre- and post-test were calculated by a t-paired test, and two-way ANOVA (4 x 7) with different HIT protocols and physiological (e.g., HR, %[HR.sub.max]) and perceptual (e.g., RPE, session-RPE, TQR, perceived muscle and joint soreness) variables was used.
To record specific recovery behaviors and actions, the Total Quality Recovery action (TQRact) scale was utilized; it is the second half of Kentta and Hassmen's TQR (1998).
Researchers from the University of L'Aquila, the University of Verona, and Italy's National Institute of Optics in Florence successfully demonstrated the TQR system on two famous works of art: the Zavattari frescos in the Chapel of Theodelinda and "The Resurrection" by the Italian Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca.
Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions has opened its $2 million TQR (Test, Qualification and Reliability) laboratory in Fife, Scotland to evaluate and assimilate the long-term behaviour of deepwater umbilical cables.
Three simple techniques go a long way toward helping teams promote a spirit of inquiry: question brainstorming, "color" questioning, and TQR.
First, I tell them that without total quality respect - without TQR - TQM won't work.