TQTThorough QT (Studies; heart muscle repolarization test)
TQTTotal Quality Transformation (quality initiative training system)
TQTTotal Quality Training
TQTTask Qualification Training
TQTTobacco Quota Trader (website; Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada)
TQTTwenty Questions Test (cognitive behavior)
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We only translated the instructions of D-KEFS TQT to Persian.
Therefore, the tests were administered based on their standardized order with an exception: first, D-KEFS TMT, VFT, DFT, CWIT, ST, TQT, and TT were consecutively administered; then, BADS RS, KS, ZM, and 6E tests; and lastly, the optional tests, D-KEFS WCT and PT.
In the reliability analysis, internal consistency and/or stability methodologies were utilized depending on the nature and procedures of the D-KeFS tests: For VFT, ST, TQT, TT, WcT, and PT, split-half internal consistencies were computed and corrected by the Spearman-Brown formula; for the CWIT conditions, internal consistencies were calculated using the Cronbach's alpha coefficient; afterwards, test-retest reliabilities were derived for TQT (using the alternate form), TMT, DFT, and TT.
(23) Assim, a identificacao precoce de pacientes com risco de VMI prolongada, ou falha de EXTOT, e crucial para avaliacao de TQT precoce com o objetivo de melhorar o prognostico do paciente e evitar as complicacoes da reintubacao.
Em alguns casos, a TQT precoce deve ser considerada, (32) principalmente quando ha a expectativa de permanencia do paciente em VMI por mais de 14 dias.
The agency has requested that the new tQT study include patients with pharmacokinetic concentrations consistent with levels seen in patients with renal impairment.
Total quality teams, or TQTs, comprised of a cross-section of warehouse employees, play a key role in this process of continuous improvement.
With Clinigene's expertise and cost-effective approach to BA/BE and Spaulding's market-leading TQT study and Cardiac Core Lab expertise, our clients are able to easily structure a program for their compound that delivers high-value while keeping the molecule knowledge experts involved throughout the entire early clinical development of the compound."