TQWTTapered Quarter Wave Tube
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After the decomposition of the EEG signal using the TQWT, a feature extraction process was performed to obtain significant characteristics from each TQWT subbands.
A TQWT comparison between the seizure-free and the epileptic seizures patients are shown in Figure 3 with Q = 1,r = 3, and J = 3.
In the second perspective, the EEG signal was divided into smaller segments using the TQWT to extract the time and frequency features.
The most significant parameters of the TQWT are the quality factor Q, the oversampling rate r, and the number of stages or levels J.
When RSSD is operated, we set the parameters [Q.sub.1] = 8, [r.sub.1] = 3, and [J.sub.1] = 28 for high-Q TQWT and [Q.sub.2] = 1, [r.sub.2] = 3, and [J.sub.2] = 3 for low-Q TQWT, respectively.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Analysis and synthesis filter banks for TQWT.