TR-UWBTransmitted Reference Ultra-Wideband
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[s.sub.D](t) is the signal of the desired user, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the MUI of ([N.sub.u] - 1) TR-UWB users, [N.sub.G](t) models a zero-mean additive white Gaussian noise, and [I.sub.Imp](t) is the impulsive interference.
In TR-UWB systems each user can use [N.sub.f] frames for the transmission of one bit.
To verify analytical results, a TR-UWB system in a multiple access scenario with Gaussian noise and impulsive S[alpha]S interference is simulated with the following set of parameters ; [N.sub.f] = 4, [T.sub.f] = 100 ns, [[tau].sub.m] = 0.2877, [T.sub.d] = 50 ns, and [N.sub.u] = 5.