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TR2Tomb Raider 2 (game by Core Design)
TR2Testicular Receptor 2
TR2Thyroid Receptor 2
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As shown in Table 8, the number of common proteins between the test datasets for new viruses (TS1-TS5) and their training dataset TR1 is larger than the number of common proteins between the test datasets for new hosts (TS6-TS10) and their training dataset TR2. Thus, the SVM model showed a better performance for new viruses than for new hosts.
1 a 118 e da 118 in poi indistintamente tutto il testo, senza dimenticare i Fragmenta e gli Errores Venerii (chiamo questa seconda porzione TR2).
[14] Missense, homozygous Patient 44 8.3 SCNNIA 1078G>T; SCNNIA 1404delC SCNNIA 1455delC Patient TR2 0.4 Frameshift, homozygous Hanukoglu et al.
Clive and Wendy Brown, and their 15-year-old son Alex, have designed and built their very own fighting machine, TR2, and will be facing off against other powerful robots on this weekend's edition of Robot Wars.
TR2 reflects medium tangibility ratio ranging from 0.38 to 0.64 whereas TR3 presents higher tangibility ratio having values from 0.64 and above.
A train Tr2 accelerates from Pazhou Station to Xingangdong Station in up-line during 0.0 s~33.0 s.