TRAC2ESTRANSCOM Regulating And Command and Control Evacuation System
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"The patient scenarios that we use are pulled straight from TRAC2ES," said Capt.
Figure 4 shows the leading causes of nonbattle injuries that required medical evacuation, as determined from the patient history in TRAC2ES records.
A unique component of the surveillance was coding causes of nonbattle injuries based on the narrative patient history in TRAC2ES records.
* Central DNBI surveillance was achieved using medical evacuation (TRAC2ES) and in-theater hospitalization (SIDR-PASBA) records.
* Air evacuation records from TRAC2ES were used to identify and code causes of nonbattle injury.
In 1997, the command awarded a $135 million contract to Booz Allen & Hamilton for the development of TRAC2ES.
Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can access the unclassified version of TRAC2ES, he said.
The TRAC2ES software makes it easier to record information about casualties, officials said.
With TRAC2ES, said Green, it's possible to arrange the evacuation of eral patients within 45 minutes.
TRAC2ES, however, is designed to handle many thousands of patients simultaneously, which leads to a combinatorial puzzle of missions, hospitals, airports, and other resources of astronomical size and complexity.
TRAC2ES includes MTF components, TPMRC components, fly-away components, and a GPMRC component.
MTF component: Multiple MTFs access TRAC2ES on the World Wide Web using commercially available web browsers.