TRAC2ESTRANSCOM Regulating And Command and Control Evacuation System
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The TRAC2ES software makes it easier to record information about casualties, officials said.
With TRAC2ES, said Green, it's possible to arrange the evacuation of eral patients within 45 minutes.
Despite the successful employment of TRAC2ES in Operation Enduring Freedom and during domestic emergencies, the system has yet to prove its worth in a mass-casualty conflict.
One significant change had to do with the interoperability between TRAC2ES and the Global Transportation Network The GTN is a tracking system that monitors the movement of military supplies and people around the world.
When the Transportation Command took over the responsibility for TRAC2ES in 1993, the plan at the time was to link it with GTN.
The next generation of the global transportation network, called GTN-21, will be made interoperable with TRAC2ES, Baxter said.
TRAC2ES includes MTF components, TPMRC components, fly-away components, and a GPMRC component.
MTF component: Multiple MTFs access TRAC2ES on the World Wide Web using commercially available web browsers.
This organization--TPMRC--uses a TPMRC-specific component of TRAC2ES, which receives requests for patient movements, plans and replans them, and issues orders to appropriate transportation and medical organizations to execute the planned movements.
A very large, distributed application with multiple types of user and function, TRAC2ES encompasses a number of novel technological aspects.
In the following discussion, we focus on one key function of TRAC2ES that is particularly relevant to the Al perspective--the planning and scheduling function--and the corresponding Al technology--continuity-guided regeneration (Kott and Saks 1996).
We saw the issue of continuity as the key challenge in the dynamic replanning and scheduling function of TRAC2ES.