TRACABTerminal Radar Approach Control in Tower Cab
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With a special camera array at each LOTTO Ekstraklasa stadium, the TRACAB optical tracking technology uses advanced image-processing and data-extraction technologies to determine the position of all moving objects in the field of play including players, referees, assistant referees, and the ball.
After every match, the TRACAB data will be shared with the competing LOTTO Ekstraklasa clubs and will also be presented on the Ekstraklasa.
Its a privilege to add LOTTO Ekstraklasa to our expanding list of top football leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga, and large international tournaments that have chosen TRACAB, said Rickard hrn, ChyronHegos president, EMEA.
A user since 2013, the Barclays Premier League's (BPL)--England's top-tier football league--will continue to deploy TRACAB over the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, covering 380 matches per season.
The TRACAB has also been installed in more than 300 stadiums worldwide, according to Chyron-Hego, and is capturing live tracking data over 4,500 matches every year.
This includes in Germany, where the Deutsche Fu[ss]ball Liga (DFL) sports organisation has signed a new four-year contract to use TRACAB for Bundesliga and Bundeliga 2 football matches.
The TrackMan radar system contributes ball data such as velocity, position, and spin rate, while TRACAB refines player and ball location and displays the ball tracer and other graphics.
Sweden, and the Czech Republic collaborated to develop the TRACAB and Virtual Placement components of Statcast.
Not only is it a huge validation of our TRACAB technology, but its tremendous recognition of the hard work of our own engineering teams as well as those of our partners TrackMan and MLBAM, said Johan Apel, president and CEO of ChyronHego.
In addition, the League has equipped all Ligat Winner stadiums with optical cameras to enable TRACAB, which uses ChyronHegos proprietary image processing technology to capture and deliver accurate real-time data on the movement of players, officials, and the ball.
Presented on-air by LyricX and enhanced by Virtual Placement, the TRACAB data will give fans a truly exciting viewing experience and a deeper understanding of the sport.