TRACOMTraining Command
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TRACOM used separate assessment tools to measure Versatility and job performance, which included 47 variables such as "ability to effectively manage conflict," "ability to influence," "initiative" and "effective team leadership.
This study reinforces what we've seen in hundreds of companies," said TRACOM President John Myers.
Net Intent and TRACOM bring specialized skills to help these businesses not only cope with changing performance needs, but to also compete by cultivating a workforce effective in every interaction.
The partnership will allow us to expand into new arenas," said Buzz Bainbridge, Managing Director of Sales for The TRACOM Group.
The TRACOM Group helps individuals and organizations improve workplace performance by building interpersonal skills, improving teamwork, developing leaders and enhancing communications.
Cahners TRACOM Group will be able to add even greater value to the knowledge worker as a strategic business unit of Cahners," said John Myers, president of Cahners TRACOM Group.
The relationship will give Cahners TRACOM Group increased capacity to develop new and timely solutions to address emerging Human Resources and boardroom initiatives.
Before becoming a strategic business unit of Cahners, TRACOM Corporation had been a part of Reed Elsevier, parent company of Cahners, since 1984.