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TRACTORTracer and Circulation in the Nordic Seas Region
TRACTORTELRI (Trans-European Language Resource Infrastructure) Research Archive of Computational Tools and Resources (EU)
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However, tractor overturns were still resulting in high numbers of fatalities, as many tractors did not have ROPS, and new tractors were still being sold without ROPS.
When my wife and I purchased our rural property, buying a tractor was one of our first priorities.
The price of competitive tractor models of Pakistan is $130/hp, against Indian's $200/hp, China's 150/hp and Japan's $900/hp.
This technology will be deployed across Mahindra tractor platforms in due course of time.
If your needs for hay would involve more than a hundred bales of hay a year, a heavy-framed utility tractor with a higher horsepower rating may suit you better.
On his last visit to Mik's home, Cal left word that that there was a prospective buyer for the tractor.
Around this same time, several companies in Michigan began to experiment with their own versions of the tractor.
He added that decision to raise the GST (General Sales Tax) level up to 16 percent in the new year had dwindled the tractor market.
He urged federal and provincial governments to support tractor industry to improve national economy and labor employment.
He said tractor manufacturers have suspended procurement of parts from their vendors as there are already several thousand unsold tractors dumped at their plants and countrywide dealership network.
I'd recommend the following specs for those who haven't put in too many hours in the tractor seat:
And the last tractor to be made at David Brown's sprawling Meltham Mills site, will play a central role in the proceedings.