TRADECTank-Automotive Command Research, Development, and Engineering
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These tubes carried IR screening smoke, visual smoke and "millimeter-wave obscurant," according to the TRADEC document.
Top 100 vendors, such as TRADEC, can help move these companies forward.
We are pleased that TRADEC was selected by e-procurement and supply chain leaders as a Top 100 provider for 2001," said Edwin C.
Note to Editors: The TRADEC System is a trademark of TRADEC, Inc.
We have been able to deliver tremendous value to engineers, and now, by working with TRADEC, we can deliver the same critical information to buyers.
TRADEC with PurchasingPro has already been proven to reduce a buyer's quote turn around time by 30% and reduce costs by more than 60%," said Ed Winder, TRADEC president and CEO.
As requests for quotations (RFQs) are created on the TRADEC System, buyers will have the option of routing the bill of materials to PCNAlert.
Unlike enterprise solutions that exist within the four walls of a company, TRADEC delivers its product as a combination of rich technology at the user desktop and a secure, reliable, flexible service, hosted and managed by a team of professionals," added Winder.
TRADEC provides the leading direct material procurement solution for both buyers and sellers in private supply chains and public marketplaces.