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TRADESMANTransportable Rapid Deployment Steerable Mount Antenna
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Write a detailed brief Work together to draw up a detailed brief - except for the very smallest jobs - specifying: the work that needs to be done, in the greatest detail you can; whether cleaning up and disposal of waste are included; the materials the tradesman will use.
"If this tradesman is not caught, he will continue to do it over and over again.
She immediately contacted the tradesman to complain.
If you'd been exchanging regular texts with this tradesman, talking about stuff unrelated to the job, then he'd have a point.
Finally, if you do engage the services of a tradesman, make sure you agree a quote for the project before you start.
The deal reflects the buyer's goal of boosting its business and product portfolio through strategic opportunities, with further acquisitions seen on the way, Lund chairman and Highlander managing partner Jeff Hull noted.Country: USASector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Tradesman Truck Accessories LLCBuyer: Highlander Partners LP, Lund International Holding CompanyType: Corporate acquisition, LBOStatus: Closed
Graeme Farrell, of Mossley Hill, is now through to a grand final which will recognise the best tradesman in the country.
If the tradesman disappeared half way through a job, the money would still be safe in Bondpay and it's also insured to an additional 50% value of the job.
According to textile expert and tradesman Salem Al-Ammari, visitors to the holy mosques buy many prayer wear as souvenirs, and practical gifts that pump up the sales to 150 percent of the year's sales.
Chrysler LLC, a United States-based automaker, has received two Trademark Office approvals for the Cuda and Tradesman.