TRADPTumen River Area Development Programme (aka Tumen River Area Development Project; North Korea)
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Finally, GTI sought to proactively engage with local authorities, as it was discordance between local authorities and central governments that had been one of the main reasons for the failure of TRADP in all the countries involved, apart from North Korea.
TRADP is generally judged to have failed in the sense that it did not achieve the goals or realize the dreams that were conceived at the beginning of the project.
For China's central government, TRADP presented a means of achieving subregional development that was more attractive than joining already existing regional economic groups such as APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) that were closely linked with the Western market system represented by the United States and Japan (Christoffersen 1996).
Last but not least, China's need to secure a seaport on the Pacific and counterbalance unequal development between its northeastern and southeastern regions provided a major impetus for its active participation in the TRADP.
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