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TRAFtumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor
TRAFThree Rivers Arts Festival (Pittsburg, PA)
TRAFTeachers' Retirement Allowances Fund (Manitoba, Canada)
TRAFToss, Refer, Act, File (organizing principle)
TRAFTransmissive Right Angle Film (optical systems; 3M)
TRAFTNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) Receptor-Associated Factor (biomedical studies)
TRAFTsunami Reef Action Fund (Portland, OR)
TRAFTransanal Rectal Advancement Flap
TRAFTeen Refuge Action Fund (Tanzania)
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The electorate approved TRAF in a referendum on 19 May 2019.
traf the the a 30,000 Number of vehicles that travel through streets beside Belfast City Hall every day a
In two to three months, the industry should be back to pre-recession traf ic levels.
En este articulo se hace referencia a la ley sobre Turismo Rural en la Agricultura Familiar - TRAF, aunque se acepta que el termino agroturismo tambien es utilizado para definir la insercion del agricultor en las actividades turisticas.
SX[T.sup.LAOS] contains 2 novel open reading frames (ORFs) in the third hot spot (between sO73 and traF).
TRAF consists of an integrated set of simulation models that represent the traffic environment.
The winners of the seven individual categories are: | Building Conservation - Astley Castle, Warwickshire ||Community Bene?t - The Hive Worcester ||Design& Innovation - The Hive, Worcester ||Infrastructure - Droitwich Canals Restoration, Droitwich ||Regeneration - Air Traf?c Contr Facility, Birmingham Airport ||Residential - Bluebell Views Student Residences Coventry ||Touris& Leisure - St.
Tenders are invited for 4216 jirnoudhar sudharikaran mad ke antargat butlar palace colony stith naye multi story apartment tower-1 ke awas sankhya-1002 me dono traf mica ke sath 19mm pay/bord se ward robe bnane ka karya.
Trafc af c management will be in force 24 hours a day and traf c c signs will indicate the extent of the prohibitions (which will not apply to emergency service vehicles or vehicles being used in connection with the said works or for winter maintenance or traf c c of cer cer purposes).
Davies has played at Old Traf- Traf ford, Anfield and Stamford Bridge - but he was left without a club after being released by Fulham two seasons ago.
Results at Lyon, Panathinaikos, Sporting Lisbon and Fiorentina that should fill them with confidence when they take on Zenit St Petersburg in Old Traf ford's UEFA Cup Final.
PHIL NEVILLE was so caught up in the euphoria of captaining Everton on his return to Old Traf ford in midweek that he forgot to observe the proper pre-match protocol of shaking hands.