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TRAF1TNF receptor-associated factor 1
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TRAF1 is one of the several genes upregulated by these cytokines (Schwenzer et al.
Although there is substantial evidence that TRAF1 and C5 may both be effective in the proliferation of inflammatory responses, functional studies will be required to further investigate the TRAF1/C5 association (45).
In addition to the usual suspects, a signal was observed that resides in a region that harbors 2 genes relevant to chronic inflammation, namely TRAF1 (TNF receptor-associated factor 1) and CS (complement component 5).
Recent studies with gene expression array analysis (4,5) demonstrated a molecular signature in PMBCL that was different from that of other DLBCLs, particularly the expression levels in JAK2, TRAF1, MAL, REL, and PDL2.