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TRAF3TNF Receptor-Associated Factor 3
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In line with previous findings discussed above showing that NOD1/RIP2-mediated TRAF3 activation triggers type I IFN responses rather than NF-[kappa]B-related responses, (10) Cdx2 expression induced by exposure to H.
Ubc13 and UevlA help catalyze the formation of Lys63 polyubiquitin chains serving as a basis for a protein complex that includes TRAF3, IKK[alpha], and IRF7.
The enzyme, called TRAF3, lives on to control a molecular network that is implicated in a variety of immune system-related diseases if left to its own devices.
On the other hand, the transcription factor IRF-7 (Interferon regulatory factor 7) can bind to the MyD88/IRAK1/IRAK4 complex, and its activation is dependent upon TLR7/TLR8 and TLR9, requiring the TRAF3 (TNF receptor-associated factor 3) protein which joins IRAKI and IKKa kinases to produce interferon alpha (IFN-[alpha]) (7).