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TRAILSTraining and Resources for Assembling Interactive Learning Systems
TRAILSTotal Recreation and Independent Living Services (Alaska)
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I am not given to needless worrying, but the more I tried to convince myself that all was well with Powell, and that the dots I had seen on his trail were antelope or wild horses, the less I was able to assure myself.
For fifty yards before her the trail was straight, and down this leafy tunnel she saw the stealthy advancing figure of a strange and fearful creature.
Toog caught his breath and slunk quickly to one side of the trail where the dense foliage of the tropical underbrush concealed him from Teeka while permitting him to feast his eyes upon her loveliness.
Yet here are we, within a short range of the Scaroons, and not a sign of a trail have we crossed
Werper, with better success, traveled slowly onward until dawn, when, to his chagrin, he discovered a mounted Arab upon his trail.
Then the gee-pole would be the easier task, and a man would come back to it to rest after having completed his spell to the fore, breaking trail with the snowshoes for the dogs.
Increasing his gait but slightly he followed the tortuous windings of the trail until suddenly just before him, where the trail wound about the bole of a huge tree, he saw a young buck moving slowly ahead of him.
We're sagging south on the Long Trail--the trail that is always new.
For instance, Charley, you are coming along the trail.
The first thing to do when a trail ceases to explain itself is to cast forward without leaving, your own confusing foot-marks on the ground.
His traces were fastened, the sled broken out, and with both men running they dashed out on to the river trail.
For weary days they followed through an almost uninhabited country, only to learn at last that they were upon the wrong trail.