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TRAMMTechnical Regulation of Army Materiel Manual (Australia)
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The TRAMm Model is a toolkit that has been designed to encourage a more strategic approach to personal and professional development.
(11.) Rajcic uses the German word Tramm for streetcar, which also evokes the word Traum, "dream."
Tramm senior project engineer and manager of its Engineering Design Group.
They dumped (and lost) millions into speculative companies, oil ventures, land developments and family businesses, and made campaign contributions to politicians Katherine Harris, Vern Buchanan and Tramm Hudson, and to a Republican PAC.
Lassen P, Eriksen JG, Hamilton-Dutoit S, Tramm T, Alsner J, Overgaard J.
8 Pines of Sarasota Foundation * BEAUTY OF AGING "WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MATE?" DINNER Hyatt Regency Sarasota, $ 150, Kim and Charles Githler, Sarah and Tramm Hudson, Elaine Keating and Dr.
The day I applied for my Florida driver's license, I was invited to register and was told by otherwise reasonable people like Tramm Hudson and Margaret Wise (both of whom are quick to say they used to be Democrats before coming here) that I had to register as a Republican or I wouldn't be able to vote in the primaries.
Every past chairperson was honored at this year's gala, including Sandy Loevner, Art and Peggy Wood, Bob and Kristy Lonsdale, Tramm and Sarah Hudson, Judy Veale, Joanne Blume and Melissa Palermo.
'I take back everything I ever said about Hilary Clinton,' sobbed Tramm Hudson, falling to his knees.
County Republican Chair Tramm Hudson is considered the front-runner, although there are rumbles that Ringling Museum of Art board chair and local Ford dealer Vein Buchanan still hungers for a taste of the political life.
Even Tramm Hudson, the head of the Sarasota Republican Party, who prides himself on sniffing out people's party affiliations and had read Thomson's news stories for years, admits he was surprised.