TRAMONTransportation Monitoring System
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To learn firsthand how accessibility applies to those with communication barriers, ask for the free D-Scriptive device at The Lion King on Broadway, and listen to Tramon's clear and soothing voice before the show even begins, as he describes first the theatre, then each of the characters one by one (Mufasa "moves majestically and with purpose, but when he is angry or frustrated, he hunches over and swings the lion mask down in front of his face"), and explains the intricacies of the puppetry and the set.
As the musical begins with a mellifluous chant from the ensemble, Tramon says softly in the earpiece: "A fog crawls in from the back of the stage as a warm light begins to glow red.
Packers punter Tim Masthay has struggled in the play-offs and Tramon Williams is a solid but not spectacular punt returner.
Tramon y Dresdner (2004) infieren la evolucion de los salarios (ingresos laborales) regionales a partir de la informacion de ingreso imponible promedio de los cotizantes previsionales recogida por la Superintendencia de Aseguradoras de Fondos de Pensiones (SAFP).
En Tramon y Dresdner (2004) se calculan series de salarios regionales corregidas basadas en las estadisticas de la SAFP, con un metodo similar al utilizado en esta nota.
Es decir, el analisis comparativo entre las series de Tramon Dresdner y las presentadas en este articulo indica que parece altamente relevante introducir la correccion del sesgo de truncacion por abajo a las series de salarios regionales, como lo hacemos aqui.
Se muestra que este resultado tambien es valido cuando se comparan las series corregidas en este articulo con las series corregidas presentadas en Tramon y Dresdner (2004).
* AP Entertainment Producer Nicole Evatt in Los Angeles and AP Writer Tramon Lucas in Washington contributed to this report.
If cornerbacks Sam Shields and Tramon Williams handle Seattle's receivers in single coverage, it could also allow a safety to help keep an eye on Wilson.
Cornerback Tramon Williams' botched tackle attempt on a short pass to Terrance Williams turned into a 38-yard TD and the Cowboys led 14-7.
Stafford ended the next drive with an interception that was thrown directly at Tramon Williams as if the quarterback didn't see the cornerback.
It starts with linebacker Clay Matthews, whose 12.5 sacks top the NFC, applying pressure in the backfield, and cornerbacks Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams clamping down on the backside.