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TRAMPTransgenic Adenocarcinoma of the Mouse Prostate (genetic engineering)
TRAMPTyrosine Rich Acidic Matrix Protein
TRAMPTransparent Remote Access Multiple Protocol (file access; GNU Project)
TRAMPTomato Ripening-Associated Membrane Protein
TRAMPTesting, Reporting, and Maintenance Program
TRAMPTeenagers Really Are Magnificent People
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"What is the matter with your shirt?" inquired the Tramp.
One day they had a stroke of luck: one of the boarding-masters got a contract to paint a tramp that had come in from Madagascar round the Cape of Good Hope, and they spent several days on a plank hanging over the side, covering the rusty hull with paint.
They were not niggardly, these tramps, and he who had money did not hesitate to share it among the rest.
And in its next incarnation, consistently and logically, it attaches itself to the American outcast, namely, the tramp. Then, as others have mutilated its sense, the tramp mutilates its form, and ho-boy becomes exultantly hobo.
"Yes, it was stupid of me not to have thought of it," I answered, offering no explanation of the dead bee which at the moment I espied a little away in the grass, and saying nothing of the merry tramp and the melancholy musician.
The Manila she'd struck her gait, and she hild ut, an' prisintly along come a tramp, an' Counahan spoke her.
You seem to have lost your wits because you beat the tramp Irus; take care that a better man than he does not come and cudgel you about the head till he pack you bleeding out of the house."
So Ole jumped down and crawled under one of the wagons for shade, and the tramp got on the machine.
As a tramp, I was behind the scenes of society--aye, and down in the cellar.
We tramped through the darkness and the drenching summer rain full three miles, and reached "The Naturalist Tavern" in the village of Hirschhorn just an hour before midnight, almost exhausted from hardship, fatigue, and terror.
For eight months Kasatsky tramped on in this manner, and in the ninth month he was arrested for not having a passport.
My mother tramped most of the way across the Plains.