TRANSACTransistorized Automatic Computer
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if the transaction has already been consummated, the circumstances under which fiduciaries caused the transaction to be consummated prior to seeking an exemption from the DOL, whether the transaction has been terminated, whether the transac tion has been corrected, (1) whether Form 5330, Return of Excise Taxes Related to Employee Benefit Plans, has been filed with the IRS, in relation to the transaction and whether all excise taxes due with respect to the transaction have been paid to the IRS; (2)
While the literature argues that these labor-based costs are an important component of transac tion costs, other factors such as monitoring and overhead costs may also need to be considered (Noordeweir et al., 1990).
As a result of their pressure, the law of 1896 prohibited futures in grain and flour, dealings for the account in the shares of mining and industrial companies, and requested that all parties to deals in industrial futures enter their names in a register, denigrated as the "gambling register." [41] The law in creased cash transac tions, demoralized the money market, increased costs and legal uncertainty, and led to the migration of business to London.
[2] Firms are also considering new ways to leverage current electronic payment networks to make payments electronically, for instance, experimenting with the ACH network to make debit transac tions at the point of sale [3] or using automated teller machine (ATM) networks to make debit transactions for Internet payments.
Vingas, 1997 AFS Transac tions, adapted in modern casting in February 1998].
The center was set up around a Philco Transac 2000 mainframe, one of the earliest transistor-based computers available outside the defense establishments in the U.S., USSR and UK.
Gross settlement A method of making payments between a pair of parties in which each party makes a separate in settlement of each transac tion between them.
The transac underscores the airline's intention to expand the company through new subsidiaries.
She added: "The records had been falsified to said Willi transac February She ha h d disg it i e disguise the theft of the items."
International Transac [Millions of dollar] Europe 2004 Line (Credit +, debits -) (1) III IV Current account 1 Exports of goods and services and income receipts 121,911 134,347 2 Exports of goods and services 79,813 86,971 3 Goods, balance of payments basis (2) 44,819 50,324 4 Services (3) 34,994 36,647 5 Transfers under U.S.