TRANSCAERTransportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response
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Freight rail, shipper organizations bestow annual awards for hazardous materials handling The Association of American Railroads has announced the 2012 recipients of the Holden-Proefrock Award, Non-Accident Release Grand Slam Award and TRANSCAER National Achievement Awards.
We are proud that our efforts have been recognized once again by TRANSCAER.
The TRANSCAER awards recognize those companies that have undertaken exceptional efforts to ensure the safe and secure transportation of potentially hazardous products," said Rollie Shook, Chair of the National TRANSCAER Task Group and Global Emergency Services Leader, Emergency Services & Security Expertise Center for Dow Chemical Co.
Working with responders, shippers and transportation partners within TRANSCAER events is a great opportunity for all.
9th, is a joint effort with Montana Rail Link and Montana TRANSCAER.
TRANSCAER volunteers consist of representatives from chemical producers, distributors, railroads, tank truck shippers, first responders and government agencies.
Rollie Shook, Leader of Emergency Services and Security for Dow is national chair of TRANSCAER, which brings together chemical and transportation companies and associations committed to the safe and secure transportation of chemical materials.
In addition, Brock Lowman, BNSF, manager, HazMat Response, was recognized with the TRANSCAER Chairman's award.
BNSF's hazmat team provided training to nearly 3,600 first responders in 18 states and sponsored 160 TRANSCAER events in 2009, including tours in Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Arizona," said Mark Schulze, BNSF vice president, Safety, Training and Operations Support.
Overall, Union Pacific participated in nearly 160 TRANSCAER or TRANSCAER-related events.
Founded in 1986 by Union Pacific and The Dow Chemical Company, TRANSCAER has grown to include other railroads and chemical producers and distributors, trucking companies, emergency response contractors and trade associations and counts the U.
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