TRANSCOTranscontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation
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Transco, the nation's largest-volume and fastest-growing interstate natural gas pipeline system, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams Partners L.
Williams Companies increased the transportation capacity of Transco the biggest pipeline system in the U.
AEP noted that it intends to relocate the manufacturing activities associated with the Transco businesses to its strategically located manufacturing sites throughout North America.
Transco had allowed the 200 residents back into the converted mill after isolating the leak and declaring it safe to go inside.
Transco was fined pounds 15million at the High Court in Edinburgh last month for failing to replace a worn-out mains pipe.
On Thursday Transco were found guilty after a six-month trial in Edinburgh of breaching health and safety laws.
Transco want to lay a new gas main under the street in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, but waited until work on it was almost finished before revealing their plans.
Gas pipeline operator Transco has presented a cheque for pounds 2,500 towards this year's Christmas lights.
In addition to the $20 million penalty, Transco agreed to the termination of its firm sales merchant function, which will cut off one of the means by which it gave preferential treatment to its marketing affiliate.
A nearby pub was evacuated while Transco worked to make the area safe.
But Merseyside's 350-strong Transco workforce will escape the bulk of the cuts aimed at management and administrative posts.
Ofgem said today's final proposals were "firm but fair" and would allow Transco the necessary funds to improve the quality of service.