TRANSCOMUnited States Transportation Command
TRANSCOMTransportation Operations Coordinating Committee (metro New York, New Jersey, Connecticut)
TRANSCOMTransactions on Communications (IEEE)
TransComPublic Transport Security Command (Singapore Police Force)
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A second option is to simply combine TRANSCOM and DLA into one joint logistics command--an often recommended approach which would create a large, diverse set of activities for the commander to embrace--from transport operations and management, to supplies procurement, inventory and supplier management, warehousing/distribution management, and disposal.
TRANSCOM uses AIT to achieve visibility of its shipments through an extensive active RFID infrastructure that is in place at strategic ports worldwide.
Smith, observed, "What we're doing at USJFCOM is taking the full benefit of our partnership with TRANSCOM.
Because of CENTCOM's high operational tempo, TRANSCOM worked with U.
The program manager is an Army officer assigned to TRANSCOM.
TRANSCOM management of supply-chain-related information technology systems will reinforce its responsibilities for improving the effectiveness and interoperability of distribution, sustainment, and force movement throughout DOD.
Execution (the responsibility of the TRANSCOM J-3), which focuses on the Deployment and Distribution Operation Center and containers.
The DDOC is one of several initiatives taken by TRANSCOM since its designation as Distribution Process Owner to improve end-to-end distribution within the Department of Defense.
The DDOC will perform the same functions in the theater that TRANSCOM performs in the continental United States.
Already, TRANSCOM has improved its capacity to track deliveries in real time and predict with greater accuracy the arrival of shipments.
TRANSCOM J4/5 Strategic Plans and Policies (metrics team)
VADM Harnitchek opened the session with brief descriptions of the challenges currently facing the DOD and the role of US TRANSCOM as Distribution Process Owner (DPO).