TRANSCOMUnited States Transportation Command
TRANSCOMTransportation Operations Coordinating Committee (metro New York, New Jersey, Connecticut)
TRANSCOMTransactions on Communications (IEEE)
TransComPublic Transport Security Command (Singapore Police Force)
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Already, TRANSCOM has improved its capacity to track deliveries in real time and predict with greater accuracy the arrival of shipments.
TRANSCOM J4/5 Strategic Plans and Policies (metrics team)
VADM Harnitchek opened the session with brief descriptions of the challenges currently facing the DOD and the role of US TRANSCOM as Distribution Process Owner (DPO).
The TRANSCOM exercises were two of several exercises held as part of NLE 2011.
The plan states that TRANSCOM must be governed by two imperatives: supporting full-spectrum global plans and operations and forging a synchronized global DOD supply chain.
Sealift is an efficient form of transportation, and a ship has the capacity to carry more than a month's worth of the vehicles brought in by air, TRANSCOM officials said.
A closer collaboration now exists between TRANSCOM and U.
Airlifting bombs is not the best way t o get weapons to the field, however, so TRANSCOM and Air Mobility Command moved to immediately obtain an additional ship to store and transport massive amounts of munitions, Zettler said.
TRANSCOM will establish these offices at: Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA; Colorado Springs, CO; Chelmsford, MA; Fort Beivoir, VA; San Antonio, TX; Jacksonville, PL; and San Diego, CA.
According to Steven Coyle, TRANSCOM director of BRAC transformation, the move brings the command a savings of $1.
TRANSCOM to extend a weekly AMC airlift channel mission all the way to Djibouti (see Figure 1).
Over the past three years, TRANSCOM organizations have delivered more than 5 billion gallons of fuel, moved more than 8.