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TRANSLTRTranslator Supercomputer (from the fictional Dan Brown book Digital Fortress)
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After making the program available on the Internet to anyone who wants it, Tankado tries to blackmail Trevor Strathmore, the deputy head, by threatening to sell the key to the highest bidder if the NSA does not reveal the existence of its high-powered code breaker, TRANSLTR, rendering it useless and wreaking havoc on the NSA, but protecting the privacy of computer users world wide.
Susan quickly gets embroiled in an attempt to rescue the NSA's ultimate codebreaking computer, TRANSLTR, from the clutches of a disgruntled former employee, Ensei Tankado.
Tankado has taken against the NSA's urge to snoop and is threatening to release an unbreakable encryption device on to the open market that would make TRANSLTR obsolete overnight.