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TRANSNETTransportation Network
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This agreement, which supersedes the old agreement, will enable Transnet to increase rail infrastructure capacity to service both domestic and export markets from the Waterberg area, Mgojo explained.
Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) transported record volumes on its two main dry bulk lines last year: 60m tons on the Sishen iron ore railway to the Atlantic port of Saldanha; and 76.
Established in 2006 , Paymenex is a universal electronic payments technology company that facilitates real time electronic payments between consumers and businesses and provides platform for real time gross settlement (RTGS) and Mobile Money infrastructures for financial institutions worldwide through its advanced network - Paymenex TransNET and it's new Mobile solution - xWallet Mobile.
TFR Runs 14 Magnetite Trains On Weekly Basis: A total of 14 magnetite trains are being operated by Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), the rail division of South Africa's state-owned freight transport company Transnet, to Richards Bay on a weekly basis.
Transnet sold the first batch of debt under its GMTN programme in February 2011.
Hsu, president of President Transnet, disclosed that the company is expected to deliver some 50,000 items to Japan, Singapore and China next year, generating charges exceeding NT$20 million (US$625,000).
ABB's innovative products offer this key freight system of Transnet the opportunity to reliably and safely monitor rail operations," said Carlos Pone, CEO, ABB in South Africa.
Advancements implemented by TransNet will include the ability to establish 'guest networks' for Internet access that will offer access to a wide spectrum of approved users while ensuring the security of sensitive district data, the company said.
The Johannesburg Labour Court has stopped workers at South African Airways from participating in strike action staged by colleagues at Transnet, a state transport utility.
South Africa was officially opened on May 12, 2005 by Transnet as the chipping plant loaded its fourth export ship destined for Japan.
The project also received a boost in December, when Transnet entered into a memorandum of understanding to cover the terminal's land lease area.
Co-ordinator with Transnet Drop-in Centre Deirdre Levy said the girls plan to publish the newsletter in the Transnet offices every week.