TRANSPECTransition From Functional Specification to Object-Oriented Design
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TranSpec specialises in designing and implementing insurance programmes for trucking firms that utilise owner operators.
The benefits from Transpec's spectrographic method are: rapid results (typically within seconds), no need for sample preparation, and high portability -meaning multiple measurements can be carried out anywhere on site.
Transpec is a two component system -a software package which runs either of two complementary spectrometers, WideWavelength and Raman.
Transpec Raman tends to be more useful for compounders and masterbatchers while WideWavelength finds more use in composites and colour-based needs and where water may be an issue.
Transpec principles can be applied universally to materials in that any characteristics of interest can be examined for correlations with the spectral data; this can be any of the "soft" metrics such as good/bad to "hard" metrics such as physical properties.
For plastics processors such as masterbatchers and compounders Transpec can identify and qualify incoming material and then be used for near-line quality analysis, to check formulations through identity and concentration measurements as well as making property predictions.
The TranSpec has been developed in association with additive producers, and is designed to give rapid analysis of polymers and additives, reducing the need for more laborious analytical methods.