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TRANSPETROPetrobrás Transportes SA
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Transpetro is a wholly owned subsidiary of PetrAaAaAeA leo Brasileiro SA also known as Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company ensnared in Brazil's largest-ever corruption scandal.
Nos ultimos 18 meses, 5 novos e modernos navios entraram em operacao e e esperado que nos proximos anos, dezenas de embarcacoes, todas construidas no Brasil, serao incorporadas a frota da Transpetro, auxiliando o desenvolvimento do Pais ao garantir a logistica de transporte de petroleo e seus derivados.
In a statement, Transpetro said Machado announced the construction of the eight ships at a Maua shipyard ceremony to mark the maiden voyage of the fuel transport ship Jose Alencar.
Transpetro is also considered the largest natural gas processor in Brazil.
Transpetro is currently building 23 tankers and other transport ships under a program called PROMEF, which is designed to expand and modernize its fleet.
De hecho, Transpetro, a traves de su programa de modernizacion y expansion de flota, solicitara hasta 2014 la friolera de 49 buques.
Asry has already repaired four vessels for Transpetro this year and there are other four other vessels on the repair schedule before the end of the year.
The Swedish construction group Skanska said on Monday (22 May) that it has received a USD44m maintenance contract from Transpetro, a subsidiary of Brazilian oil company Petrobras.
Alves is one of more than 20 politicians facing allegations of having received bribes from Transpetro, a Petrobras subsidiary, the (http://bigstory.
In leaked recordings, planning minister Romero Juc, a senator from Temer's Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), tells Sergio Machado, the scandal-linked former chief executive of Petrobras transportation subsidiary Transpetro, that the new government can help "staunch the bleeding" caused by the two-year-old Lava Jato investigation into systemic corruption at Petrobras.
Transpetro is active in more than 200 cities in all Brazilian regions.