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TRANSPETROPetrobrás Transportes SA
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Transpetro is also considered the largest natural gas processor in Brazil.
Transpetro is currently building 23 tankers and other transport ships under a program called PROMEF, which is designed to expand and modernize its fleet.
Asry has already repaired four vessels for Transpetro this year and there are other four other vessels on the repair schedule before the end of the year.
Transpetro described how dynamic simulation using Aspen HYSYS[TM] improves the evaluation and tuning of natural gas delivery control systems in various conditions to optimize operations.
Transpetro operates the largest natural gas processor in Brazil, with a processing capacity of 25 million [m.
The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (Kotra) announced yesterday the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Brazil s Transpetro, the largest shipbuilder in Latin America, to forge cooperation in the shipbuilding sector.
A government investment program to support the sector--the Programa de Modernizacao e Expansao da Frota da Transpetro (Promef)--is expected to help sales this year as some 50 new vessels are added to the national fleet.
The key countries covered encompass Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia; the major companies include Pemex, Transpetro S.
Total Total E&P Australia Tractebel TransCanada Corporation Transpetro Trunkline LNG Union Fenosa Gas Unocal Veresen, Inc.
It was founded by Petrobras, Transpetro and PUC-Rio University and is a shared research facility for the pipeline industry.
At the end of 2005, Petrobras operated 12,857 kilometers of oil pipelines and 17,486 kilo meters of natural gas pipelines, mostly through its Transpetro subsidiary.
The ROSEN International Pipeline Regulators Award was won by Petrohras Transpetro SA for the development of the Petrobras Integrity Standard, a manual in pipeline integrity assembled by more than 70 Petrobras specialists.