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TRANSPONDERTransmitter Responder
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Use of the WSDOT's in-state transponder system saved the industry approximately 111,000 hours of travel time and $12.
An I-PASS user who goes through tolls five times a month without paying because there is no transponder in his or her vehicle or because its not in the right location to activate a toll would still be charged the I-PASS rate.
For those with the popular Garmin GTX330 Mode S transponder, the now discontinued GTX-330ES provided an easy path to ADS-B compliance, but that's not the case with a GTX327.
This passive mode of operation, in which the system on the transponder side functions without an energy source, is a major advantage of UHF-based control systems.
The similar defects prevents the two devices from communicating with each other, the JACC said, although it did not state for how long has the transponder mounted on the Ocean Shield been faulty.
So, its loss did not affect transponder availability.
The LOW BTRY LED will illuminate on the transponder.
Its detectors pick up return signals and discern the direction of the buried transponder.
Fed up with traffic, motorists seem willing to dish out their hard-earned pesos on transponders and tolls--if it means getting to work on time.
A transponder multilateration system interacts with an aircraft's transponder to determine the aircraft position and identification.
The transponder is mounted at the top right of the truck's windshield.