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TRANSPUTERTransistor Computer
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Fall meeting # 4, North American Transputer User Group.
Supporting a rapid prototyping system for distributed algorithms on a transputer network.
At the same time, we also studied the development of a parallel version of the Level 3 BLAS for Transputers [Berger et al.
In Parallel Computing and Transputer Applications, Valero, M., Onate, E., Jane, M., Larriba, J., and Suarez, B., Eds.
The system, which appears to be aimed at pulsed emitters, makes use of the amplitude-comparison technique and a distributed transputer network.
In the space agency's NNETS (Neural Network Environment Transputer System) 40 transputers have been linked to attain an extremely high operating speed.
Lyons, "A hardware voter for fault-tolerant transputer systems," Microprocessors and Microsystems, vol.
The dynamic database (DDB as it was called at that time, now dynamic object database [DOB] shown by the horizontal spatial bar, left) functioned as a distribution platform to all clients; in a transputer network, this function could be performed by any processing node.
Software controlled shared virtual memory management on a transputer based multiprocessor.
To combat these obstacles, the new NDC gauge relies on a new stabilized scanning frame and new electromagnetic sensor with an on-board transputer to correct for the dynamic distance changes.
With regard to the EW sector, MEL has identified naval ESM as its primary niche market and is addressing it with a range of equipment based on an evolving portfolio of modular subsystems, including, among others, a proprietary digital channelized receiver, transputer cards for parallel processing, specialized antenna arrays and an 18-MIP pulse analyzer; all backed up with a new generation of in-house software, much of which is written in Ada.