TRAOTaeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory (Korea)
TRAOTowing and Recovery Association of Ohio (Cincinnati, OH)
TRAOTherapeutic Recreation Association of Oklahoma
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CAUGHT: Police take one of the drug criminals into custody BUSTED: From left, main picture, Gia Khanh Pham; Kim Thuy Thi Le; Sy Le; Hai Chien Nguyen ; Tan Tran; William Tran; Khanh Tran; Toan Nguyen; Thanli Van Nguyen; Toan Van Le; Phi Dao; Khoa Van Nguyen; Tien Trung Nguyen; Thang Van Nguyen; Trao Van Vu; Truong Bui; Coung Hung Nguyen
va cac phong trao cach mang o Ha-Noi trong thoi thuoc phap." [The Situation of Culture, Economics, Politics and Revolutionary Movements in Hanoi duing the French Colonial Period], in Lich su thudo Ha-Noi [History of the Capital Hanoi], ed.
(13.) Nguyen Van Hoan, 'Phong Trao Vo San Hoa Nam 1930' (The proletarianization movement in 1930), Nghien Cuu Lich Su (Historical Research), no.
Tout simplement, l'exemple de Delany, sa soif irrepressible d'une patrie, ouvre une voie dialectique ou le sujet, ayant trao verse le seuil de sa negation, se realise sur le mode de la reconciliation avec soi et du redeploiement du lien entre le passe, le present et l'avenir.
"Un peth rwy'n ymwybodol ohono ydy nad yw plant heddiw yn gyfarwydd x'r hen jics, felly ro'n i'n trao cynnwys gymaint o'r rheiny x phosib, gan eu haddasu.
E tra queste l'episodio della prima notte di nozze fra Gesualdo Motta e Bianca Trao, in cui, nota Cavallini, "si puo rilevare l'uso misurato ma molto espressivo dell'avverbio in--mente, unito a verbi, esprimenti azioni o condizioni, in cui si accentra il contrasto" (63).
Nguyen Luong Trao, deputy minister of labor, war invalids and social welfare, said early last month that the unemployment rate for this year would be higher than the 6.01% rate recorded in 1997, but that it "would not be so bad" as in other countries in the region.
The protagonist, Gesualdo Motta, is a peasant who becomes a wealthy landowner through hard work and judicious business practices, but he cannot rise socially despite his marriage to the noble Bianca Trao. The decadence of the unbending Trao family is repeatedly contrasted with the honesty, strength, vitality, ingenuity, and ambition of Gesualdo.
This process took time and involved further "exchange" (trao doi) to secure a blank certificate with an official serial number.
(53) Tan Trao (Tru'o'ng Chinh), 'Viec mo' rong chinh phu [The broadening of our government].