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TRAPTartrate-Resistant Acid Phosphatase
TRAPTwin Reversed Arterial Perfusion
TRAPTactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (USMC)
TRAPThrombin Receptor-Activating Peptide (used in research to initiate platelet activation and blood coagulation)
TRAPTexas Rules of Appellate Procedure
TRAPTandem Recursive Algorithm Process
TRAPTyrosine Rich Amelogenin Peptide
TRAPTactical and Related Applications
TRAPtryptophan RNA-binding attenuation protein
TRAPTriiodothyronine Receptor Auxiliary Protein
TRAPTraining Resources Arbitration Panel
TRAPTactical Related Applications Program (US Army)
TRAPTactical Receive Equipment & Related Applications
TRAPTerminal Radiation Program
TRAPTanks, Racks, Adapters, & Pylons
TRAPTerrorism Research and Analysis Program
TRAPTactical Receive Application Protocol
TRAPTUNL Real-Time Analysis Package
TRAPTraining Requirements Analysis Process
TRAPTechnical Risk Assessment Program
TRAPTape Recorder Action Plan (committee)
TRAPTraining Resources Adjudication Panel
TRAPTennessee Research Association of the Paranormal
TRAPTechnical Risk Assurance Process
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Once Toto got too near the open trap door, and fell in; and at first the little girl thought she had lost him.
That was the room in which Maguire kept his trophies and set his trap.
To think that I've only to invent a trap to catch a crook, for a blamed crook to walk right into
Natasha felt so lighthearted and happy in these novel surroundings that she only feared the trap would come for her too soon.
After nine o'clock two traps and three mounted men, who had been sent to look for them, arrived to fetch Natasha and Petya.
The advance was more rapid now, for Binu Charley placed the captive bushman in front of him and made him clear the run-way of traps.
He stopped his horse, raised the trap and dropped his phonographic voice, like a lead plummet, through the aperture:
Jerry shut down the trap and slashed his oat-fed horse.
The open trap lay directly in his path, and his discovery of it would lead instantly to his discovery of me.
Kouzma, get ready the trap," and he ran downstairs.
Some of these were pretty fine birds, but no matter, they had to tarry outside in the long parlor under the inspection of a double rank of liveried footmen and waiting-maids who supported the two walls with their backs and held the wraps and traps of their masters and mistresses on their arms.
At times, he may be seen with his traps on his shoulder, buffeting his way across rapid streams, amidst floating blocks of ice: at other times, he is to be found with his traps swung on his back clambering the most rugged mountains, scaling or descending the most frightful precipices, searching, by routes inaccessible to the horse, and never before trodden by white man, for springs and lakes unknown to his comrades, and where he may meet with his favorite game.